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Show your love with a beautiful bouquet

Commemorating anniversaries holds a profound value in our lives because they present us with the chance to look back and deeply appreciate the progress that we made. Wedding anniversaries remind us of love and a lifelong commitment to one another. With each anniversary, you reaffirm your vows, think on your shared experiences and cherished moments that have shaped your relationship throughout the years.

Flowers are a timeless gift to give on the anniversary of your wedding, or to gift to a couple who are celebrating their annual milestone. It has become a long-standing tradition, passed down from one generation to the next. Sending fresh flowers to your spouse or partner on this day is an opportunity to celebrate your bond, show your appreciation, and renew your dedication to one another. It’s a heartfelt gift to express your support, and gratitude – and to remind your significant other why they fell in love with you. Whether it’s a stunning bouquet of red roses (with chocolates on the side), a delicate arrangement of tulips and foliage or a vibrant mix of hydrangea, berries, and calla lilies, each flower carries its own meaning.

Create a personal touch by requesting a bouquet featuring the same flowers that had special meaning to your loved one in the past. Or better yet, by choosing the exact same flowers that you had on your wedding day to bring back those beautiful memories and reminisce together.

We know how important it is to get your anniversary date right. That is why we have created an online special date reminder service designed for anniversary flower orders and for your peace of mind. We will deliver a gorgeous floral bouquet to your better half, each year precisely on your anniversary and without the fear of the date ever slipping your mind.


What are some popular anniversary flowers?

The most beloved, timeless, and classic bouquet comprises stunning fresh red roses.

When should I order my anniversary flowers?

You can pre-order or place your order on the same day. We currently offer an online special date reminder for this very purpose so that all online orders can reach us even a year prior! You have the option to have them automatically delivered on your anniversary, every year.

Can I include a personal message with my anniversary flowers?

We will print your message on a complimentary tag or on a gift card available from our online shop and deliver it with your purchase.

Do you have any other gift items I can add with my anniversary flowers?

We have a selection of chocolates and decorative sticks to go with your bouquet.

Do you offer express same-day flower delivery?

Yes, we offer an express flower delivery option which is available at checkout.