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Weddings in Malta & Gozo

Posted on 6th June 2023 · read time 6 mins

Wedding Flowers

Set in a unique location with the Mediterranean Sea as its backdrop, Malta offers a wide array of wedding venues and with over 300 days of sunshine, many foreign couples are increasingly selecting the island for their destination wedding. But just as the setting is crucial, other elements also shape your event.

Closely associated with weddings since time immemorial, flowers are a key component, adding colour, texture, as well as symbolism to your big day. Serving as a design element and as a form of expression, blooms can set the tone and style to your event and with flowers available in all shapes, sizes and colours, the possibilities are endless.

The importance of flowers at weddings

An indispensable part of a wedding’s decor, flowers take centre stage often found in every corner of a church or venue, displayed on pew ends and the altar, tabletops and entryways and at times, even hanging from the ceiling or placed on the wedding cake. Steeped in history and symbolism, flowers were used during ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman weddings when the nuptials were regarded as a way to ensure the empire’s continuity to strengthen alliances or to expand the population so as to create more hands for work. Garlands and crowns made out of olive branches, herbs and scented white flowers such as orange blossoms were often used in ancient Greece and Rome to ward off evil and honour the gods, whereas Egyptian brides carried herbs under their veils to ensure fertility and fidelity.

Today, most couples tend to select flowers based on their colour preference and style, as well as the wedding’s theme, while fashion trends also tend to dictate this choice. Traditions seem to have taken the backseat to individuality, yet blooms play a crucial role and serve as more than mere decorative objects. For instance, the bouquet is intrinsically connected to the bride and as such, the flowers incorporated help identify her in that role. At the same time, flowers can truly elevate your wedding’s theme to new heights by conveying emotions and meanings. Their fragrance is also important. Historically, blossoms and herbs featured prominently so as to mask the bad odours present, since bathing used to be an annual occurrence. Nowadays, their scent can add freshness to the space.

Unsure of which wedding flowers to pick for your big day?

Here is a list of the top, all-time favourite ones.

Roses: A quintessential classic, the symbol of love, beauty and passion, you can never go wrong with a bridal bouquet or wedding centrepiece where roses are the focal point. Although considered a traditional flower, with more than 3,000 varieties available including both solid and bicolour hues, the rose is far from boring, while you are certainly set to find a type that will suit your style and be as unique as you are. What’s more, the flower is available all year round which means that they are ideal for any wedding season.

Calla Lilies: Distinguished by its trumpet-shaped bloom and long stem, the calla lily is singled out for its sleek and modern look. Ideal for making a bold statement, it was often depicted in art nouveau and art deco art due to its shape. Opt for the lighter variety such as the ivory or soft pink for a spring or summer wedding, while the darker pink or purple blooms are perfect for a winter event. In addition, calla lilies are typically available in two types, the long and smooth stemmed one which can be used for tall arrangments or the miniature version which is suitable for delicate boutonnieres.

Peony: Delicate yet lush, the fragrant peony is the optimal flower for a romantic celebration. The bloom is known to symbolise romance, happy marriage, prosperity and compassion, rendering it one of the most popular flowers for wedding celebrations. From pink and white to the less common red and yellow, the peony can be as bold or as soft as you wish, while they look particularly pleasing when paired with other similarly coloured flowers. Seasonally available, you may obtain it from late spring to early summer.

Stephanotis: Another fragrant and attractive flower with dainty, cylindrical white flowers that resemble stars, the stephanotis is available all year round and is regarded as one of the most classic options for a formal wedding. Representing good fortune, in the Victorian language of flowers, the bloom is also considered a symbol of marital happiness.

Lily of the Valley: Featured in Kate Middleton’s royal wedding bouquet back in 2011, lily of the valley is closely associated with the goddess of springtime, Ostara in Norse mythology and serves as a symbol of happiness and humility. Although typically found in its white variety, the flower also comes in a rosy-pink hue, so if you are looking to make a statement, the lily of the valley is your go-to flower.

Your dream wedding in Malta

With its Mediterranean charm, crystal clear waters and endless blue skies, Malta can serve as the ideal setting to your big day, irrespective of whether it is your home destination or your wedding abroad. Boasting a wide selection of wedding venues, you can get hitched in rustic farmhouses, limestone palazzos, wedding halls and luxury resorts or you may choose one of the 365 churches available that range from imposing Baroque masterpieces to magnificent cathedrals and remote chapels. Yet, if your heart is set on something more unique, you may want to celebrate your love in nature by opting for a beach or garden wedding.

Irrespective of whether you are having a civil or religious ceremony, there are a number of steps you must take in order to get married locally. For starters, you must request what is known as the Publication of Marriage Banns from the Marriage Registry located in Valletta around 2 to 3 months prior to the wedding. On the other hand, couples who are getting married in Gozo, must pay the Marriage Registry a visit located in Victoria, Gozo. Documents such as your birth certificates, ID cards and witnesses’ copy of ID cards are required. If you’re having a church wedding you must collect the documents prepared by the registry around 10 days prior to the big day and submit them to the parish priest where the wedding ceremony will take place.

Wedding planning checklist

Planning your wedding celebration can be a tricky affair. To simplify things for you, here is a wedding checklist that will help you plan anything and everything from the small stuff to important details.

Twelve to 9 months before

– Explore your wedding style and start doing some research. This should
also include the style of your wedding dress and that of your wedding
– Linked to the above, begin researching for the venue, catering,
photographer, your glam team and any other service or wedding pro you
think you may be needing for your big day.
– Choose your wedding party – maid of honour, bridesmaids, bestman,
witnesses, usher and flower girl.
– Get your prewedding photos taken.
– Begin compiling a wedding list.

You may want to start planning your honeymoon at this point.

Six to 3 months before

– Reserve ceremony and reception venues.
– Select your bridal party and groomsmen attire and accessories.
– Buy your wedding dress, veil and other accessories.
– Hire the photographer, musicians, florists and other wedding services. – – Make sure you confirm every single detail and that the date, time and
location are clear.
– Refine the guest list.
– Order the wedding cake.
– Order your wedding invitations.
– Purchase your wedding rings.
– Choose your wedding flowers.
– Request the publication of Banns at the Marriage Registry and if you’re
getting married in church at the Archdiocese of Malta.

One month before

– Plan the ceremony and reception seating.
– Mail the wedding invitations.
– Buy or make the souvenirs.
– Finalise the seating arrangement.
– Finalise the playlist with the DJ, band or musicians you have hired for
the day.
– Finalise fittings of your wedding gown, bridal party, groomsmen, as well
as the bride and groom’s parents.
– Collect your wedding documents from the Marriage Registry.
– Prepare a wedding day emergency kit.

Making your big day extra special

From demure and simple floral pieces fit for an intimate event to extravagant decor suitable for a grand-scale celebration, we can provide you with unique floral creations that will make your day truly special and memorable. Using the freshest of flowers imported from all corners of the world, we can cater to all your floral decor needs be it bridal bouquets and boutonnieres, flower walls and centrepieces, as well as lanterns and wreaths. Armed with the necessary expertise, knowledge and artistic finesse, our professional florists go the extra mile to offer a bespoke service that places your wants and needs at the centre of the design.

Offering unparalleled service, we can make your day uniquely special by offering the following:

– A team of professional floral artists.
– A free consultation session with live flowers for you to review and
select from.
– Packages start from €425 ex. VAT which can be tailored to fit all
– Vases and ornaments are supplied for free during your event.