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Little Prince

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Little Prince

With an abundance of petals and a lavish, rounded shape, the hydrangeas showcased in the Little Prince are the primary highlight of this bouquet. Bringing together soft blue hues and bright yellows and oranges, it is certainly a showstopper.

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With an abundance of petals and a lavish, rounded shape, the hydrangeas showcased in the Little Prince are the primary highlight of this bouquet. Bringing together soft blue hues and bright yellows and oranges, it is certainly a showstopper.

Product Details

Our bouquet combines a mixture of:

– Hydrangeas
– Mini gerberas
– Foliage and other fillers

Our Deluxe option includes 10 Baci chocolates adding the perfect amount of sweetness to this already delightful gift.

Also included: a modern carton tube of height of approximately 16cm with a container and flower food mix with a small blue accessory on a stick.

Ideal for: the birth of a little one, baby shower

Little Prince Bouquet Information

Hydrangeas: Distinguished by its wooden stems and lacy, star-shaped flowers closely packed together to form the shape of a pompom, hydrangeas consist of a group of around 70-75 species of flowering shrubs native to Asia and the Americas. The flower eventually spread across Asia before reaching Europe and North America.

First discovered and cultivated in Japan, its name derives from the Greek words hydor and angos which means ‘water barrel or ‘water jar’ due to the shape of its seed capsule and the fact that this bloom needs plenty of water to thrive when cultivated. Throughout its history, the hydrangea has been significant in Japan where according to legend, it became associated with emotion, gratitude for understanding and apology after a Japanese emperor gave the flower to the family of the girl he loved to show how much he cared about her. In contrast, Victorians considered the blossom a negative plant sent to declare someone a boaster or to scold a person for their frigidity in turning down a romantic love.

Available in a range of shades such as pink, blue, purple and green, what determines its hue is the acidity level of the soil it has been grown in. Boasting a range of meanings that make it the perfect flower for a variety of occasions, blue hydrangeas, in particular, symbolise frigidity, asking for forgiveness, turning down a romantic proposal or expressing regret.

Gerberas: A native to South Africa and perhaps one of the most popular cut blossoms typically found in most flower arrangments and bouquets, the gerbera is a type of daisy that forms part of the large Asteraceae family of flowers. Named after the German botanist and doctor Traugott Gerber, some native species still grow in the wild in South Africa.

With several meanings most of which are closely linked to happiness, the Egyptian meaning of the gerbera daisy is that of devotion to the sun and being close to nature, whereas the Celts regarded the flower as a highly positive one that could lessen sorrow and day-to-day stress. Similarly, the Victorian meaning of this bloom is happiness and as a result, gerberas are used to celebrate life.

Daisies are available almost all year round, while they range from rich reds and oranges to bright yellows and delicate creams or whites, amongst other colours. Yellow gerbera daisies are known to symbolise cheerfulness. An added bonus of this flower is that it is one of the longest lasting blooms when used as a cut flower.

How to look after your Little Prince flower bouquet

Make the most of your bouquet and make sure it remains vibrant and fresh for longer by following our tips below:

– Once you have received your bouquet, there is no need to remove it from its container.

– All you need to do is simply check the container’s water level and top it up as needed with water together with the flower food which you will find attached to the message tag.

Pro Tip: warm water is quickly absorbed by the stems, giving the flowers an instant boost, however, this also means that the blooming process is accelerated so it’s best to add cooler water. Make sure that no leaves touch the water as these can breed bacteria. Keep the cut end of the stems constantly submerged, yet remove any foliage that is floating around.

Light: place your bouquet in a spot with low light and good ventilation but avoid direct sunlight which may lead to petal burn.

Temperature: keep flowers at room temperature and ensure there are no direct draughts.


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