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Pink Surprise

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Pink Surprise

Simple yet elegant and utterly romantic, the Pink Surprise is a bold floral arrangement perfect for those who find nature’s simplicity inspiring. Stunning and eye-catching, the deep bright pink hue is what makes the roses the bouquet’s focal point.

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Simple yet elegant and utterly romantic, the Pink Surprise is a bold floral arrangement perfect for those who find nature’s simplicity inspiring. Stunning and eye-catching, the deep bright pink hue is what makes the roses the bouquet’s focal point.

Product Details

Our bouquet combines a mixture of:

– 12 Pink Roses
– Fillers
– Foliage

Our Deluxe option includes 10 Baci chocolates adding the perfect amount of sweetness to this already delightful gift.

Also included: a modern carton tube of height approximately 22cm with a container and flower food mix.

Ideal for: Any Occasion including: birthdays, anniversaries, just because, flowers for the home

Pink Surprise Bouquet Information

Roses: With over 150 species that vary in shape and colour, roses are considered to be a shrub. Most species are native to Asia, though a small number of these imposing blooms are indigenous to Europe, North America and northwestern Africa. Varying in size and ranging from compact, miniature roses to climbers that can reach seven meters in height, original species, cultivars and hybrids are widely grown across the world for their beauty and fragrance, so much so that they have acquired important cultural significance in many countries.

Typically associated with love and romance, a deep or hot pink rose conveys gratitude, appreciation and recognition. In ancient Greece, the bloom was closely associated with the goddess Aphrodite, however, eventually, it became identified with the Virgin Mary. Yet, there is more to roses than just their colour and cultural importance. The number of blooms showcased in a bouquet also convey a different meaning. Perhaps one of the most common numbers associated with roses is the one dozen and our Pink Surprise bouquet sports this precise amount. Often used to represent a complete cycle be it the 12 months in a year, the 12 hours on the clock or the 12 signs of the zodiac, the number appears across both the natural and spiritual worlds and all these aspects have given a dozen roses the significance it carries today.

A versatile flower to say the least, rose petals are edible, often used in salads or desserts, while they are also utilised to flavour tea or are combined with other herbs to make herbal infusions. On the other hand, rose hips are made into jam, jelly or marmalade and at times as a soup, whereas rose water is used extensively in Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisine, mainly added in desserts like baklava, halva, barfi, nougat, Turkish delight and others.

How to look after your Pink Surprise

Roses are considered one of the hardiest flowers, however, even these tough blooms can easily dwindle and dry up. So whether you have purchased the Pink Surprise for your one and only, your mother or to decorate your coffee table, here are a few tips of how you can keep your roses looking fresh for longer:

– Once you have received your bouquet, there is no need to remove it from its container.

– All you need to do is simply check the container’s water level and top it up as needed with water together with the flower food which you will find attached to the message tag.

Pro Tip: warm water is quickly absorbed by the stems, giving the flowers an instant boost, however, this also means that the blooming process is accelerated so it’s best to add cooler water. Make sure that no leaves touch the water as these can breed bacteria. Keep the cut end of the stems constantly submerged, yet remove any foliage that is floating around.

Light: place your bouquet in a spot with low light and good ventilation but avoid direct sunlight which may lead to petal burn.

Temperature: keep flowers at room temperature and ensure there are no direct draughts.


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