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A true classic that expresses love and devotion, the Soulmate contains a bunch of ravishing, fragrant roses of your choice, nestled among delicate gypsophila and lush green fillers. A quintessential romantic arrangement, it serves as a breathtaking tribute to your love.

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A true classic that expresses love and devotion, the Soulmate contains a bunch of ravishing, fragrant roses of your choice, nestled among delicate gypsophila and lush green fillers. A quintessential romantic arrangement, it serves as a breathtaking tribute to your love.

Product Details

Our bouquet combines a mixture of:

– Roses
– Fillers and Foliage

Our Deluxe option includes 10 Baci chocolates adding the perfect amount of sweetness to this already delightful gift.

Also included: plant food mix.

Ideal for: date night, anniversary, just because.

Soulmate Bouquet Information

Roses: One of the most iconic symbols of unconditional love, romance, beauty and perfection, the rose has kept true to its original meaning along the centuries, so much so that it is one of the most purchased flowers during Valentine’s day. Each hue has its own meaning, just as much as as the number of stems in a bouquet as delineated below:

Red: probably one of the most popular colours, a red rose is the ultimate symbol of love, the perfect choice for expressing your true feelings to your one and only.

Yellow: vibrant and exuding cheerfulness, yellow roses are the flower of choice if you’re looking to celebrate a special friendship, while the colour itself connotes appreciation.

Pink: a sign of elegance and grace, pink roses are ideal for a number of occasions be it to commemorate the start of a new relationship to show affection and love or to cheer up that special someone.

White: traditionally linked to new beginnings, a bunch of these white blooms are appropriate to gift a new love, while they are generally associated with spirituality and marriage. In addition, they signify purity, innocence, peace and happiness.

Orange: standing right in the middle between friendship as represented by yellow roses and love as expressed by the red variety, orange blossoms represent desire, enthusiasm and passion, whilst they are also the bloom of choice when wanting to convey pride.

Blue: blue roses cannot be found in nature and as such, they only came into existence in 2004 when researchers used genetic modification to create roses with blue pigment. Yet, it is this precise absence in nature that has made blue roses popular, coming to symbolise mystery, intrigue and unattainable love.

With the Soulmate, you can select the number of stems you would like the bouquet to feature, however, before making your choice, have a look at what each individual amount means.

6 roses: the perfect number for subtly expressing your feelings, 6 roses are typically gifted when you want to take the relationship to the next level.
9 roses: if you’d like to show your loved one that you intend to spend the rest of your life with them, then 9 roses is the perfect number since it symbolises eternal love.
12 roses: a classic number, a dozen roses is a simple way to ask them to be yours.
18 roses: select 18 roses if you would like your bouquet to symbolise sincerity and trueness.
24 roses: the main meaning of 24 roses is that you have that special somebody constantly on your mind.
36 roses: an impressive display of affection, 36 roses will not only wow your loved one but the bouquet can also serve as a means to remind them of all the romantic moments you’ve had together.
50 roses: a love that has ripened well and it has transformed into an unconditional one deserves 50 stems of beautiful, fragrant roses.
100 roses: nothing says I’m totally devoted to you more than 100 roses, yet this amount also means that your love will last for 100 years.
Gypsophila: Most commonly known as baby’s breath, the name gypsophila originates from the fact that the plant can thrive in thick soil which is high in gypsum. These small flowers that look like bright white dots are native to Eurasia,
Africa, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Abounding with symbolism, baby’s breath is a sign of newborn babies and innocence, while they also represent everlasting love which does not only include romantic bonds, but family, as well as platonic ones. The flower also signifies reconnecting with lost loves or with disconnected family members, whereas in Christianity it symbolises the power of the Holy Spirit.

Typically, the flower is used for wedding and baby shower arrangements, though it is often utilised as a filler in an assortment of floral decor and bouquets. And while the white variety is most popular, there is a greater colour diversity of gypsophila in the wild, including pink and butter yellow. The former is ideal for conveying a message of affection, while the yellow means light and joy.

How to look after your Soulmate

Without a doubt, your bouquet is set to brighten your space, so make sure it remains nice and fresh thanks to the tips below:

– Once you have received your bouquet, remove it from its wrapping to rehydrate.
– Cut, ideally at an angle, around 2 cm from the bottom of the stems. Doing so will avoid them from getting crushed, while it will allow them to easily absorb water.
– Initially place the flowers in room temp water together with the flower food mix, which is attached to the message tag, but from then on you may go ahead and top up the water as needed. Also, you should trim the stems every other day.

Pro Tip: warm water is quickly absorbed by the stems, giving the flowers an instant boost, however, this also means that the blooming process is accelerated so it’s best to add cooler water. Make sure that no leaves touch the water as these can breed bacteria. Keep the cut end of the stems constantly submerged, yet remove any foliage that is floating around.

Light: place your bouquet in a spot with low light and good ventilation but avoid direct sunlight which may lead to petal burn.

Temperature: keep flowers at room temperature and ensure there are no direct draughts.


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