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Scindapsus Upright

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Scindapsus Upright

Distinguished by its large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves of green foliage marbled with golden yellow hues, the scindapsus is a striking tropical plant suitable for any corner of your home be it the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

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Distinguished by its large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves of green foliage marbled with golden yellow hues, the scindapsus is a striking tropical plant suitable for any corner of your home be it the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Truly unique, it can train up a pole or can be hung from a basket displaying its stunning foliage.

Our Deluxe option includes 10 Baci chocolates adding the perfect amount of sweetness to this already delightful gift.

Product Details

Dimensions: ​our scindapsus upright is available in three sizes:

Small – 120cm
Medium – 140cm
Large – 200cm

Dimensions are approximate and include the pot.

Scindapsus Upright: Plant Guide

Difficulty level: ​an easy-going plant, the scindapsus is difficult to kill and with optimal indoor conditions, it can reach up to approximately 3 metres.

Light: Bright yet indirect light is ideal for this type of plant though it can also tolerate shade.

Air purifier: ​boasting air-purifying qualities, according to research conducted by NASA, the stoma on the leaves has shown to remove harmful substances from the air and can get rid of them effectively.

Pet and child-friendly: ​due to the presence of insoluble raphides, the scindapsus is regarded as toxic to domestic pets such as cats and dogs and may lead to symptoms like oral irritation, vomiting and difficulty in swallowing. The plant may also be mildly toxic to humans causing skin irritation. As a result, alway follow best practices by keeping this houseplant out of reach of small children and pets.

Ideal for: promotions, housewarming, new beginnings. ​

Scindapsus: Plant Background

Origin: ​a flowering root climbing vine, the plant is native to Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Queensland and a number of western Pacific islands, while it forms part of the Araceae family. The scindapsus pictus, in particular, is highly popular in cultivation and has become a favoured indoor houseplant that can be either grown upright on strings, poles and wires or can support themselves on barks and other structures by using their aerial roots.

Also known as:​ depending on the type, the plant is often called the satin pothos or silk pothos though on occasions it is also regarded as a philodendron despite the fact that these two plants are different. One of the primary reasons for this confusion is because they have both been botanically classified under Scindapsus pictus. On the other hand, it is also known as devil’s ivy, whereas in part of the Indian subcontinent, it is often called money plant.

Symbolism: closely linked to wealth and good fortune, the scindapsus is regarded as a lucky plant.

Fun fact: in his book De Natura Animalium (On the Nature of Animals), Claudius Aelianus uses the word scindapsus to describe an Indian musical instrument purportedly used for taming wild elephants.

Scindapsus Upright: Plant Care

Watering: this should take place on a weekly basis, though less so in cold weather. The scindapsus cannot survive in waterlogged soil, so before watering ensure that the soil has dried out completely. Any leaf drop or leaves that turn yellow is a good indication of over-watering. You can also mist the leaves from time to time.

Food: some plant food once every three weeks will keep your scindapsus looking beautiful, lush and healthy.

Pruning: the plant needs pruning only if the tendrils get too long. If this occurs, simply cut these off, otherwise trim as desired.

Ideal temperature: your scindapsus will thrive in an average temperature of between 18 and 29 degrees Celsuis.

Avoid: harsh, direct sunlight since it will burn the leaves, whereas too little light will result in the plant losing most of its variegation. As a result, you may want to place it in front of a window, behind a sheer curtain. In addition, do not expose it to temperatures below 18 degrees Celsius and avoid cold draughts as this will damage the leaves.

Pests: with no major insect or disease issues, the scindapsus is effortlessly easy to grow. Having said that, do watch out for any fungal spots, scales and mites.


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